Tel: (01843) 590005
Tel: (01843) 590005

Brian’s mission is to…

“extend the golfing years of every senior golfer around the world!”

Watch Brian demonstrating the ‘Easiest Swing in Golf’ here at:

Immerse yourself in this simple yet powerful philosophy for 3 days and learn how to apply 6 fundamental basics to your golf:

Turning - Weight Shift - Rhythm Balance - Coordination - Souplesse

You’ll enjoy your golf more than ever before after this course!

23 hours of immersion in Brian Sparks’ unique philosophy on playing the game

Golfers around the world of all ages and all levels are back in love with golf.

Beneficial to golfers of any age and any handicap but especially effective for seniors.

Over the three days Brian will share how to:

He believes that contemporary teachers have not learnt from the greats such as Bobby and Ernest Jones, Ben Hogan and Jack Nicklaus and even cause older golfers to develop uncomfortable swings and give up the game before they should.

Join Brian for a 3-Day Course and learn just how easy it can be!

Places on this course are strictly limited to just 8 people, so be sure to reserve your place quickly.

To secure your place email:


Author of the internationally acclaimed ‘Positive Impact Golf’ and founder of ‘The Easiest Swing in Golf’. Brian is becoming one of the most in demand golf coaches across the world.

Discover the Easiest Swing in Golf

An introduction to the greatest
philosophy in golf coaching today!

Wednesday 15th - Friday 17th February 2017
Victoria Park, Brisbane, Queensland


Day 1 - Wednesday:
9am Arrival & Course Introduction
10am-1pm Range – Long Game
1-2pm Lunch
2-5pm Range & Short Game
Day 2 - Thursday:
9am Arrival & Course Introduction
10am-1pm Range – Long Game
1-2pm Lunch
2-5pm Range & Short Game
Day 3 - Friday:
9am Review of 9 Holes
10am-1pm Range & Short Game
1-2pm Lunch
2-3pm Open Session
3-4pm Course Summary


  • 3 day course
  • 23 hours coaching
  • Morning coffee
  • Snack lunches
  • 8 people
  • AU$1250 per person

Accommodation not included but a 10% discount
at the Annexe+ Apartments
close to the golf course is available

All aspects of the game will be covered.

The programme could be subject to
change in order to ensure that each
participant enjoys the full benefits of
this course.

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